Several Stories High

People have stories. They are good, bad, troubling, scary, life-altering, jarring, unthinkable, elating…game changing—stories. And they’re everywhere, and they’re powerful.

They make people do odd things, like cut you off in traffic, fail to toss their coffee cup into the right receptacle, forget to hold the door. Their ear to a cellphone hearing about a life, a death, a betrayal, a proposal; good news, bad news, scary news, no real news. Stories.

We raise our fingers to those who fail to see us, but the truth is, they can’t see us. Their vision is clouded by things that take over and if we could hear them, see them, we might just be hooked. Fascinated. Enthralled. Blinded—anxious to hear how it all ends, and we’d suddenly understand why they failed to let us merge.

Stories—powerful, lovely, magical, terrifying, game changing—stories.

Keep a lookout. They’re there.

Tanya BesmehnComment