Choppy Waters

I recently had a friend ask my opinion on publishing her personal journals she’s documented over the last twenty-five years.

“They’re in my attic,” she said. “Do you think they’re worth going through?”

Considering my belief that there’s a story at every turn; I most certainly encouraged her.

Having known of some particular hardships she’d experienced, I asked, “Did you write about…”  Before I could finish she interrupted, “Oh, no! I didn’t want to write anything negative!”

“I don’t know,” I pondered, “don’t you think those who read it might benefit in seeing how beautifully you came through something—well, not so beautiful?”

Sometimes it’s the sad, the painful, the ugly that helps others understand that when life’s waters get choppy, they too can emerge intact, and perhaps, better for the journey. Struggles are inevitable, hope springs eternal and we can all use a companion in the rickety boats life often offers up.

That's when hardship has the opportunity to be a life preserver — go ahead, toss it out there.