A Peachy Approach

We know, we know; it’s been a while since we’ve posted. The good news is we’ve been busy reading, writing, editing, and consulting. Some impressive work has crossed our desks, and we’re grateful for the wide variety of projects that have made their way to us.

While there are many ways to publish material; books, eBooks, blogs, social media posts – the only mandatory step that precedes the publishing is the writing, and if one plans on making it an intriguing read, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Let’s look at two ways to describe Carol’s affection for peaches. A straightforward writing task – or is it?

“Carol loved peaches.” That’s pretty clear, right? We’ve got a gal, her name is Carol and she really, really, (no, we mean really) likes peaches.

“Carol plucked a peach from the branch, relieving it of the heavy burden so it snapped upward, now free until the following season when, barring the incisors of the local beaver, it would once again blossom. The fuzz tickled her thumb as she ran it across the smooth, yielding surface. She brought it to her nose and inhaled deeply; instinctively, it came to her mouth, and she bit into the crisp sweetness. It was all the goodness she remembered. Juice trickled down her chin as she closed her eyes and pictured so many summers past when life was as uncomplicated, simple, and delicious as a July peach.”

We may have gotten a little carried away here, in fact, we’re tempted to get Carol and her peach a room, but you get the gist. The second attempt at describing Carol’s fondness for peaches allows the reader to share in her experience. In this case, there is a relationship established, a history noted and a nudge at the curiosity of the reader to discover what’s changed for Carol — what’s happened to make life more complicated than a summer’s day beneath a peach tree? It serves as an invitation to keep reading.

The lazy writer tells us that Carol loved peaches – the more attentive writer gives us a ringside seat to the slurpy, sticky, lovely encounter – and everyone loves a juicy affair. Go ahead – get messy!

Tanya BesmehnComment