A Long Time Ago in a Space Far Away 

Once upon a time, people (not me of course, I’m way too young), used to write with a machine called a typewriter. IKR? That marvelous, and now archaic mechanical masterpiece, was a godsend. People could type out on paper all their thoughts, dreams, and ransom letters. But with this savior came rules and idiosyncrasies. Precepts that still bleed into our digital age. Ridged rituals, such as, slapping the carriage return lever at the end of every line (Ding!) and twice at the end of a paragraph. Please don’t do that when writing with a computer. You need only gently press the return key when done with your paragraph. And only once! The second most common carry over from the days of typewriter ribbon is the obligatory two spaces after the end of a sentence. A crafty safety measure should you make a typo and needed the space to add another letter. With computers, this is also unnecessary. Please leave only one space after a sentence. The computer is not a typewriter, and we must shed the muscle memory of our bygone manual machines! Praise be to our digital overlords. #OneSpace