Writing The Right Way

Tanya is very professional and has a flair for being a part of the story. 
Nancy B.

With a failed marriage and a toddler at her feet, Barbara had resigned herself to a life of half-hearted attempts at romance and the commiserating company of priceless girlfriends and fine wine. She meanders through life until a chance meeting with a handsome guy in a ski lodge. A warm fire and an instant attraction to Michael and her universe shifts. Michael awakens something in Barbara she's never known. Life with Michael is more intoxicating than anything she experienced in the wilder side of her youth, and when he asks her to grow old with him, she eagerly slips the diamond of promise on her finger.

After interviewing several Editors, it was a no-brainer to pick Tanya. Her skills seemed far superior and they proved to be sky high above my expectations. Tanya is a wordsmith extraordinaire who breathed new life into my story! She is friendly, communicative and was always available for my questions. Bezuki Services is a great team! They were very professional and passionate with my story, and it now flows well for readers and has an eye-catching book cover. I feel blessed to have found this team!
Madeline M.

Award Winning!  Honorable mention of the 2016 Southern California Book Festival on Non-Fiction.

As the local purveyor of fine coffee in the sleepy town of Edmonds,Washington, Madeline Morehouse was happily embarking on the second half of her life. Having recently emerged from a failed marriage, at forty-six she was ready to meet her future, and all its promise, head-on.

On a warm spring night in May of 1993, Allan Ray Chesnutt had other plans.

A stolen ladder and a three-story climb would put him in Madeline's bedroom where he would brutally rape her before attempting to rob her of the day's coffee-shop receipts that she kept in a locked file drawer. Chesnutt's determination to access the cash gave Madeline a chance to fish her handgun from her purse—and the tables were turned.

A call to 911 would have the Edmonds police at her door in under a minute to find her naked and bleeding, her gun pointed squarely on Chesnutt. The criminal was apprehended, but the damage was done.

Designated as a local hero for capturing the roving rapist who had been terrorizing the towns of Edmonds and Lynnwood, Madeline struggles with the aftermath of her ordeal, the unwanted celebrity, the fear that such a violent act could take place against her and the shift in both personal and family relationships.

Life as she knew it was over and the once promising future now seemed daunting—would she ever feel safe again?

Brilliant and caring editor! Great team! They get it all done and can do anything a writer needs, very user-friendly.

Thank you for referring me to Tanya!
Kevin G.

Kevin E. Gallagher has spent over forty years litigating in courtrooms and has visited more than forty major and minor league baseball parks—some long gone. To him, both our justice system, as well as the game of baseball, embody similar paradoxes of the human condition; sorrow-joy, love-hate, excellence-incompetence, grudges-forgiveness. In his fourth novel, "Fields of Forgiveness", Gallagher draws on these life experiences, with generous dollops of playful satire, humor and surreal encounters with famous players from today—and long ago, all coming together in one place. Included are fictional adventures with Pete Rose, an early attempt to integrate the game and the author’s own encounters with Mickey Mantle, based loosely on real-life experience. The focus is forgiveness and the stories ask the questions as to how baseball should apply the virtue to some of its most storied players—one in particular. Pete Rose, Jackie Robinson, Cy Young, Mike Trout, Willie Mays, The Babe, The Mick, Yogi, Henry Aaron, Derek Jeter, Shoeless Joe, Barry Bonds, Ty Cobb—to name a few, all join to form this riveting, fun, playfully poignant and historically interesting collection of baseball lore.



"We’re past the age of heroes and hero kings. Most of our lives are basically mundane and dull, and it’s up to the writer to find ways to make them interesting."

—John Updike

There is a method to the madness of adapting your completed novel to the pages of a professional screenplay. Don't leave it to the amateurs! Tanya Besmehn studied screenwriting exclusively under Yale Professor Marc Lapadula and boils your story down to the necessary page count that will meet the requirements of industry experts. Style, format and the art of imagery through concise, colorful scene direction and in-depth characterizations come together to help make your book a filmmaking reality. Owning the rights to the book and screenplay ensure you're taken seriously by moviemaking professionals.

It's off to Hollywood!

Out of order.jpg

Out of Order

Funnier than a sanctimonious squirrel!
-Leo Schulte

Two young nuns with conflicting personalities are dispatched on a mission to bring hope to wayward young women. All hell’s gonna break loose!
Twenty something novices, Holly Grant (former wild child) and Angela Cassidy (the good kid), an ‘oil and water’ pair, are dispatched by the Reverend Mother at Our Lady of Perpetual Adoration and put on assignment. Part penance, part test, they embark on a road trip to bring the “Circle of Hope” to churches and convents. Fasten your seatbelt and say your prayers!

Original Screenplay by Tanya Besmehn


Darryl's Reunion

Tanya made my novel come alive for the screen.
-John B. Wren

When Detective Ian McLarry arrives to the sleepy town of Vaneksburg, Virginia to begin anew, the lack of anything more than a few local traffic tickets lead him to delve into the file of unsolved cases. That's when he stumbles upon Darryl Zamanski's murder at the age of fifteen, a murder that's gone unsolved for nineteen years. When he learns Darryl's former classmates are planning their fifteenth reunion in the coming weeks, McLarry has some plans of his own—to find the killer.

Adapted into a screenplay



Tanya took my nightmares and helped shaped them for the silver screen. I can sleep peacefully now. Thanks Tanya!
Johnny Kia

There's nothing quite like a party house filled with teens, a couple of kegs and a creepy killer to make it a party not to be missed. When a local realtor's son gets hold of the keys to an empty house in escrow, it's one text message away from the rage their sure to remember—and wish they could forget.

Screenplay Editing


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